All Pet receive with grooming and Bathing; 3 bathes, 1 conditioner, ears cleaned and checked, anal expressed, nails cut, fronts filed 
(if pet will allow we never force), 
We use Organic Shampoos. 
(no Dawn used here)
We also have Natural Flea Shampoo. Citrus.
 We have Dips (if needed poisons)
Kisses, Hugs, and Love. 
No Sedation Used Here
We can help with Skin Problems and Make some good suggestions.This is Before and 3 months Later
Be Unique with your own Style Mocha loved her shorts.
Call or Text For Appointment
We at Little Critter's Salon do our best to make your pet feel as comfortable as possible. Music is playing while your pet is groomed. We talk to them and sometimes, I sing, they don't mind. We work with problem pets who have had bad experiences at other grooming places without sedating them. We work slower with them to make it so they don't get nervous and prone to bite. Not every Pet is a easy pet to work with, BUT they can Be with Care & Patients. 
 Don't let your Babies stay in a cage all day without a Potty or Drink break. When the Spa can come to them. Dogs, Cats, Rabbits, Ferrets all Welcome. Don't settle for Less when you can have the Best.  I can make suggestions on natural products that can help your pet with allergies, skin and hair problems. I can also help you out with your pets behavioral problems WITHOUT the use of hand to body training. 
Coming to you. Mobile Grooming. No more stinky pets in your car. Now your Pet doesn't wait for hours to go potty or get a drink.


Little Critter's Salon
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