Mangosteen is a Fruit drink that helps with joint function, Cardiovascular, immune system and many other conditions Humans and Pet get alike. Blue Green Algae balances the body with nutrients. 
Flea Allergy that has started to get a fungus
Allergy that is stress related. Oozing pus.
Chronic Ear infection. Takes a long time to repair.
Most people don't realize that pets need a lot of the same Vitamins that we do to keep them healthy. They rely on the pets food to have everything in it they need. Well that is not the case. Skin gets dry, Hair falls out, Sores appear. Pets need added supplements. Blue Green Algae- for immune system, Vitamins-special for pets, Omega's- for skin and coat. I recommend Linatone, salmon oil or Bacon Grease (in the right amounts) will get your pets coat and skin back to a normal state. along with a healthier diet. Keeping your pet healthy is important.
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