I'm in here
Now I'm Stylin
Lets see, what kind of a look I can get .
WOW I really am Pretty
Well I have been told I am a good Artist. So here are just a few of the before and after. Looks are everything. Happy bunch now. 
Pound and Rescue Puppy's, Kittens, Dog and Cats need Homes. Please Help them out. Give them a new look on life with a loving family. Below are just a Few of Many in our area.
All of these Dogs have been cared for by a very good rescue lady named Rhonda. She spends all her time and money on these dogs. Please help her find new Good homes for these misfortunate animals (1) is Gemma-chained up and lost her front teeth trying to chew her way loose. Sweet girl. (2) Monkey-starved, skin really bad, but looks good now. If you are interested in any of these beautiful babies Please let me know.
 You look at your pet daily and most people don't notice if something has changed. But we see them only once in a while so if something has changed and needs attention we will let you know. 

Little Critter's Salon